The KAKV are compensated flow control valves. A typical example of application is that of hydraulic power packs, where they are installed in the central body, on the return line of a hydraulic cylinder, and their function is to guarantee the lowering at constant speed even in the presence of load variations. The KAKV are adjustable valves: by acting on the adjustment screw it is possible to vary the outlet flow from the valve.
      Thanks to the wide selection of calibration fields it is possible to adjust flow rates from 0.6 l / min to 18 l / min. By means of the nut positioned on the adjustment screw, the setting of the valve is protected against accidental tampering. By coupling the KAKV valve to a pressure relief valve connected in parallel within a hydraulic circuit, it is also possible to obtain a flow rate control on the cylinder with excess flow discharge. In this case, for an optimal functioning of the valve it is recommended to always guarantee an inlet flow of at least 10% higher than that to be regulated.
      The KAKV valve manages the constant flow in a single direction through the valve itself; in the opposite direction there is no hydraulic compensation and the flow through the valve is free with pressure drops proportional to the flow rate and to the passage area. . All the valve components are made of high-strength steel and the external components are protected from the action of corrosive agents by zinc-plating treatment.
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