Since galvanized wire braided flexible tank connection hoses can be used in both cold and hot water, they provide great convenience and speed in both heating and booster systems and expansion tank connection.
     Tanks connected by flexible connecting hoses are extremely easy to install and disassemble. It saves time and labor. Hoses made of galvanized wire are extremely durable. Hygienic as EPDM inner hose is used. Our hoses are in a structure that does not allow the production of microbes or bacteria in accordance with food specifications, can be used in drinking water and does not smell.
       One side of the flex hose has elbow and movable union, the other side is straight type and has a male nipple connection. With flat type and different end pieces, different flexible connection hoses can be produced according to the needs.
     The length of the flex hose is measured from the midpoint of the nipple side to the midpoint of the sleeve, including the elbow. Flex length should be determined according to the size of the tank and its distance from the point where the tank will be connected. During assembly, care should be taken that the end pieces are not rotated in the hose, the hose is not twisted or broken.
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